Sea Spray Beach Hotel

$1,500,000 US
  • Price:  $1,500,000 US
  • Status:  Active
  • Type:   Resort
  • Living Area:  6,000 SF
  • Lot Size:  9,000 SF
  • MLS#

Belize Real Estate Investing: This 21 – Rooms Beach Hotel with 1-beach Cabana, is located within the heart of the Placencia Village Beach and is next door to “D Thatch” Restaurant & Bar. Sea Spray Beach Hotel has the best beach and swimming grounds/waters on the entire peninsula. All amenities are located within a 5 minute walk in any direction.

Placencia Village offers a beautiful beach and Sea Spray Hotel sits right in  the heart of it. The Sea Spray Hotel has been around for a good while and has a long history of repeat guest. It is well know for it’s “group” bookings from the USA and Canada. Therefore

Proven profitable business with financial records. Sea Spray Beach Hotel is a very good cash flow business! Property measures roughly 60′ x 150′ back to main sidewalk. Therefore

Priced at $1.5M US is priced correctly considering the high quality of the beach and its location in the middle of the Placencia Village and all of its offered amenities. Property has direct access road from the main peninsula paved road. A superior location for a hotel resort in addition

D’Thatch Restaurant & Bar (60′ x 150′) is north adjacent to Sea Spray Hotel and is owned by same persons. Profitable business also with financials. Can be purchased for $1,300,000 US “WITH” Sea Spray Hotel and not alone. Combined Properties: 120′ x 150′. $2,800,000 US. Fore more detailed information on Placencia Village, please go to there official website. Additional info on the country of Belize can also be found on the Government’s official website

We invite you to come on down and see for yourself this lovely real estate living in Placencia. Investing in Belize Real Estate for the future is a smart move!