Commercial Residential Bed & Breakfast Stores

U$ 895'000
  • Price:  $895’000 US
  • Type: Commercial
  • Bedrooms: 6-16
  • Baths: 3
  • Living Area: 6
  • Lot Size: 4,213 sq. ft.
  • MLS Number: 1149,1150

The construction of this building is like no other building built in Placencia if not all of Belize. Elevated Solid (Bunker Type) Reinforced Concrete Grid Structure…5/8″ Steel all through out the walls and ceilings and Every Block is filled with concrete, all doors and windows are rated for a Cat 5 hurricane . Email me if you want to see pictures of the construction process. Futhermore

 Commercial Residential Bed and Breakfast

The property is currently a Swiss Cafe on the first floor, lots of storage a utility room and full bathroom, Second Floor is 6 Bedrooms, living room, 2 bathrooms and 2 rooms that are storage. Then the 3rd floor has plenty of open space for a roof top deck or close it in to make more rooms and bathrooms. However

the Property can easily be converted to a 16 plus room hotel, bed and breakfast, commercial and residential building, whatever you can dream up. Did I mention it has a elevator installed. You have to see this property to see the quality of the construction and the size. In addition

Currently it is a Cafe but it is set up to be a nice Hotel or bed and breakfast. The sale of this property includes, the lot , building and all the equipment. The location of this property is right on the famous…… smallest street in the world, the Placencia Sidewalk.

Ideal location for a large hostel with restaurant!

The size of property and building is:

  • Lot: 392m2= 4’213sqft
  • Building Area: 14x20m=280m2= 3000sqft
  • Building Height: 13.40m=44ft
  • Rooms Height 1st Floor: 386cm=12.6ft
  • Rooms Height 2nd Floor: 366cm=12ft
  • Rooms Height 3nd Floor: 400cm=13ft
  • Living Area: 2x14x16m + 5x8m= 488m2= 5250sqft
  • Veranda and Porch: 2x14x4m= 112m2= 1200sqft
  • Roof Area: 14x20m=280m2= 3000sqft